Green Drinks That Will Increase Your Health & Energy.

If you want to wake up in the morning feeling energized and vitalized all you need is a daily intake of green drinks it can be as good as a strong coffee. But what are these green drinks? No, they are not a brand name of new, trendy, energy beverage. They are a mixture of nutritious and alkalizing ingredients. These ingredients are herbs, low sugar sprouts, green grasses, green vegetables and fruits. Usually they are green and liquid and someone trendy drinks them.

Preparing these drinks is no rocket science. You just need the ingredients, combine them all in a blender and puree. It’s simple as that. There are also green powders for sale if you don’t have the time to prepare it yourself.

These drinks are meant to deal with the acid/alkaline state of your body. This is the principle they are based upon. Disease and destruction is more likely to occur in a body that is mostly acidic. Greens are alkaline food and they help you get rid of acid in your tissues and your blood. Green drinks are actually the “fuel” your body needs to work best.

Other than giving you an energy boost it will help your body fight fatigue and increase the ability to lose weight. But in order to get the best results you need variation you have to try every combination.


Excellent Recipe For Green Drinks!

But how do you prepare them?

The most important and most used leaves and herbs are Cilantro, Celery, Cabbage, Basil, Arugula, Bok Choi, Broccoli, Chard, Collards, Dandelion, Kale, Lettuce, Mint, Parsley, Mustard, Spinach, Turnip and Watercress. But if you make a smoothie using only the plants in the list above you won’t enjoy it very much. So, they are sweetened with fruits. There’s a long list of fruits often used to add flavor and boost a green drink: Avocado, Pear, Apricot, Banana, Apple, Bell Pepper, Honeydew Melon, Blackberries, Blueberries, Kumquat, Cherries, Kiwi, Cantaloupe, Persimmon, Cranberries, Peach, Cucumber, Guava, Grapes, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Watermelon, Limes, Strawberries, Mango, Pineapple, Nectarine, Raspberries, Orange, Plums, Papaya, Tomato and Star Fruit. Why is it so important to have this list of fruits? It is because they are low-sugar fruits and low sugar fruits are best for green drinks.

After herbs, green grasses and low-sugar fruits you have to add the “superfoods”. These are not the typical superfoods you might be used to. They are more like “extras” that add healthy fats, fibers or vitamins. Many of them are pretty expensive or require some time to cultivate them: Flaxseed, Wheatgrass, Garlic, Pumpkin, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Avocado, Bee Pollen, Acai Berries, Almond Butter and Sprouts. The sprouts are mini versions of larger vegetables. Most used sprouts are Alfalfa, Radish, Broccoli, Clover, Fenugreek, and Bean Sprouts. They are full of nutrition and easy to grow.

The last ones on the list are sweeteners. They are an optional ingredient. You should use them only if you must. If you use enough fruits you won’t need them. The list is pretty short but very sweet: Honey, Agave Nectar and Dates.

If you’re new to green drinks you might want to start with more fruits and then you will slowly progress to a higher percentage of greens than fruits. Other than that you are free to experiment with different combinations. If you are not sure about you’re doing you can ask a doctor online.

The most important tool for you will be a blender and an electric juicer. There are many recipes over the internet or in certain books but the principle is the same. You start with water, then add fruits and greens. In the end you add superfruits and blend.