Scope of Psychologists In Los Angeles

The scope of psychologists is an understanding of their area of practice within the bounds of their competence. In fact, a vocational scope does not cut off any area of practice. However, it only protects the use of the scope title. It is important to understand that a psychologist in Los Angeles perform all activities that covers all areas of practice, on the condition that they show high level competence in doing so or if they do so under the approved supervision as in the case of training for a new area of practice.

In fact, practice in itself is not restricted by scope but by competence. It is only the use of title that is only restricted by scope. However, it is important to acknowledge that all psychologists are bound legally and ethically to practice in areas that are within the jurisdiction of their confirmed competence only.

For example, highly competent and well experienced psychologists working in family courts do not qualify for clinical psychological scope. However, it would be a very huge loss to the families and the court if these experts are denied work based on that.

With the following understanding, the scope of practice of psychologists in Los Angeles can be classified as;

Psychologists: A psychologist within a general scope is rendering services to group, individual, organizations and the public of any psychological service which involves the application of psychological knowledge, methods, principles and procedures of understanding, influencing behavior or cognition. This scope is undertaken within the individual level of expertise and with due regards to the regulating bodies prescribed standards.

Intern Psychologists: in addition to the scope of psychologists above, applicants who have finished their formal academic studies may obtain scope of practice designed for intern psychologists which will provided them with the foundation competencies required for a safe practice in supervised settings.

Clinical Psychologist: Clinical psychologists tend to apply psychological knowledge and theory derived from research to the area of mental health and development in order to assist children, adults, young persons and their families suffering emotional, developmental, mental and behavioral problems using psychological assessment, diagnosis based on social and psychological factors while applying therapeutic inventions to solve them.

Other scopes of practice for psychologists in Los Angeles include trainee psychologists, counseling psychologists and educational psychologists. Each scope has a specific qualifications prescribed for registration within the scope of practice.

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